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CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION OF QUALIFYING PREMARITAL EDUCATION This will certify that and (Groom's Name) have completed a course of (Bride's Name) premarital education conducted by the undersigned
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instruction on (Groom's Name) pre-marital education provided by a certified educator. This form must be completed and returned by (Groom's Name) no later than the first day of the week following the week of the scheduled date of the wedding (Wear appropriate identification). No copies should be submitted. All other information for certification must be provided on the application to meet the filing requirements of Title 10, Chapter 6, Title 35, Section 1404.04. Incomplete applications or applications containing inaccurate information will result in rejection of the application.<|endoftext|>P.S.: It's a good thing I've gotten better at spelling words, huh? [BUKKAKE] This is an old, but I'm not even going to bother with trying to look up the new names for some of this, I'll just post the info I have in an effort to speed up the process of finding stuff out. I've been working on a new website project, so I've had to start over with this one. I'm going to keep this page up to date as well. The first one was a lot of work (especially the introduction phase, though that's no longer the case, since it was based on the original one I had to do) and as a result I had to do 2 more projects that I can't really reveal yet. Hopefully this will come along when I get my 3.0 done. I'll still keep the page up to date on my site.<|endoftext|>If you've listened to this article, you've probably heard of my father. The man, who was born in the '50s, was part of the first wave of immigrants from Italy who made a mark on the area. He was a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a businessman, a community member, and an accomplished politician. He was in every sense, a Philadelphia native. And as I write this, he's 89 years old. He continues to live the dual citizenship of his family as an American, but he is also part of the Italian community by virtue of being a grandfather and a citizen of New Jersey. As his grandfather – who was born in Pennsylvania, went to high school in Pennsylvania, is married to someone from Pennsylvania, and is an Italian in Philadelphia – I was born to the idea that everyone should have the chance to be proud of their heritage. But as I sat in the courtroom in front of that judge (it was during the period when the federal government was
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Why do marriages fail? During my career as a Christian counselor, I have met with hundreds of couples. In this video, I am going to reveal what I consder to be the three major reasons for divorce and some specific steps to take to avoid being a victim. It's a well-known saying in real estate circles that the three most important things a property should have is location, location, location. The point of course is that while there are other factors to consider (beauty of the house, landscape, floor plan and so on), the location of the property is so important that everything else you could say about it hardly matterif the house is in a bad neighborhood. With that backdrop, here are, in my view, the three major reasons marriages fail. The first one is selfishness, followed by selfishness and, there is again, selfishness as you might have guessed. During the initial interview or diagnostic session our clients will talk about issues facing them. They will mention such things as lack of communication, lack of intimacy, maybe anger problems or depression or adultery or maybe the man is strugging with lust. Are these significant and important? Of course they are but I believe you can trace most, if not all, back to a concern about self primarily and an unwillingness to do what it takes to bring about personal change. Selfishness is what leads to so many problems in the first place and also hinders what God wants to do to bring restoration because unforgiveness is rooted in selfishness. Paul in his letters has much to say in terms of practical advice and admonitions for husbands and wives. Scripture must be interpreted in light of, and in context with, other scriptures and when you do that it is clear to me that a major key to successful marriages comes down to honoring and serving one another. This requires an act of the will (not based upon our feelings) that focuses on choosing to meet our spouse's needs even when it is hard. If you have one (primarily) selfish partner in the union then it can limp along. Two selfish people almost invariably results in carnage. A couple who professes Christ should be following biblical principles and if they do, then the marriage can survive, thrive and prosper! The principles work for everyone; I have seen many couples who do not profess Christ but their marriages are much healthier than many who do! I believe that is because they are following these biblical principles, even if they do not necessarily believe in Christ or the bible. God's prinicples and laws work for all! What if one partner priimarily is selfish the other is a giver? I have seen it happen repeatedly that when the giver perseveres in love and genuine Christ-like service (not being abused or a doormat!) then the power of God moves to heal and restore (1 Cor. 7:14). Those who remain in abusive relationships are not being unselfish; typically their passivity ends up enabling the continued bad behavior from their partner. Being a servant does not mean...
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